What We Do?

RíCapital has four investment practice areas; all are focused on generating results for our clients while maintaining a high level of transparency to satisfy both internal client and external regulatory requirements. Everything we do is about finding and structuring investments that provide positive returns while mitigating exchange rate currency and depreciation risk.

Real Estate

We help clients create diversified real estate portfolios by identifying profitable investment opportunities in commercial, residential and hospitality locations within the United States.

Structured Finance

We design and implement structured financial products such as collateralized debt obligations to manage risk for our clients with complex financing needs.


We seek opportunities to invest in select Fintech applications and start-ups that are poised to make financial services such as online banking, mobile payment systems, and cross-border funds transfers more accessible to the general public.

Angel Financing

Through our extensive global network, we identify and invest in start-up companies within the United States that present tremendous growth opportunities in retail, aviation, financial services, healthcare, real estate, energy and manufacturing.

RíCapital is your source for facilitating investment and trade between the United States and EMEA markets