RíCapital is part of EHD Group which comprises a number of businesses primarily focused on importing and exporting goods and services between Western and EMEA markets. Our sister companies’ services include mining interests, food products, logistics and navigation, among others. These capabilities provide RíCapital with a unique window to cross border trade, project management, strategic planning, deal facilitation, marketing, product development, government and public relations, supply chain development, and international networking. RíCapital is a premier private equity firm which can help protect and grow our clients’ bottom lines, while providing the senior talent necessary to research and implement recommendations made.

Our Mission

RíCapital’s mission is to obtain profitable EMEA clients to invest private equity in RíCapital centric funds focused on Real Estate, Structured Finance, Fintech and Angel Financing. The primary targets for investing in these funds will focus on opportunities that will benefit from U.S. denominated investments designed to mitigate exchange rate and currency depreciation risk.

Why Choose Us

RíCapital provides access to an extensive network of U.S.-based resources in terms of people, government agencies, technology, and subject matter expertise. All investments are structured to provide maximum protection to our client’s assets. No investment is made if we cannot implement without the full confidence of a client.

Global Understanding & Commitment

We understand the challenges many of our global clients face within their home business environments. We are committed not only to helping our clients grow in the United States but also in all the communities in which our clients operate. Our consultants and advisors understand the many cultures in which our client operate. Many of our clients look to the advantage of employing western management talent and expertise while requesting that their cultural customs be respected.